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Blanx: Alpha Male Body Base

Fully articulated action figure ready for you to customize.

Alpha is the first in the Blanx series of customizable action figure base bodies. Designed to be a great starting point for action figure customizers. Also useful for modelers, sculptors, diorama builders, and even as an artists pose mannequin, due to the infinite posing capability. 1/18th or 3 3/4 inch scale and constructed with the easily customizable O-ring body style. Highly articulated with hinged ankles, double hinged knees, knee swivel, ball hips, pivot waist, ball shoulders, hinged elbows, elbow swivel, rotating wrist, ball neck lower, and ball neck upper. All joints are designed and sculpted to have a very high range of motion, allowing for realistic, dynamic, and extreme poses. Alpha is packaged with two extra sets of hands, one set fingers outstretched, the other in a karate chop position and an extra "masked" head. He is cast in neutral gray and fleshtone for ease of painting in any shade. The entire surface of the figure also has a very slight texture to better allow paint to adhere. Submit your own custom action figures done on the Alpha body base. Of all the customers figures submitted, there will be a "Featured Custom" selected periodically, which will be shown on the homepage. The creator of each of the figures selected for the featured custom will also receive a free Blanx figure!



Item# - Alpha001 $6.99+S&H