Does Alpha come in any other colors?

At this time he is only available in the neutral gray tone. If we receive enough requests for additional colors, we will offer them!

When will the other figures in the line be available?

The production of the other Blanx figures will be based on the sales of Alpha. If he sells through, we will offer additional production runs on him, as well as the other figures. To help us determine the next figures released, vote for your favorite one!

Will there be other styles available, like an “animated” look?

We do plan on other styles including an animated style, as well as additional scales like 6 inch.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but you must use the Paypal payment method of payment for orders outside of the U.S.

Do you offer bulk or wholesaler discounts? Contact us with your details

Are any of these custom Alpha figures for sale?

No. The custom figures in the galleries are just examples to show what others have done to their Blanx figures and inspire YOU!

How do I get my Blanx custom figure featured on your site?

Just send in pictures of your customized figures! We’ll put it in our gallery of Blanx custom figures and if it really looks great, we’ll feature it as our “Featured Custom” on our home page and the chosen creator will receive a FREE Blanx figure!