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July 15th, 2018

Hello All! Hope everyone is having a great 2018!

Following Alpha on his adventures, he has been hanging around in the desert, at the beach, and even in China! More adventures added soon!

The store has several new kits in three different catagories! Here we have the Devil, Orc Brute, Eve, and Go Native kits! Check them out! And here, in the “Items” catagory we have some Tombstones, a Weeping Angel statue, and some skulls! And newly added to the “Environments” catagory, we have a large Stone Arch base that can be used for a single figure backdrop or a diorama! There are also some Columns, a Decorative Urn, and some Skull Bases! The Environments section is also being updated as we speak with a few more scenery items as well!

The Cthulhu kit is featured as a paint up article in the current issue of Amazing Figure Modeler magazine #65! Check out their Facebook page.

We are still working on the biggest figure kit we’ve done to date (by far!) And it is getting very close to being revealed! He will debut at the same time as several other fantasy characters from his world like a Wizard, Orc, Elf Archer and several others! Can you guess what he is?

There are also a few new custom figures that will soon be added to the gallery. Also some new Alpha Adventures, and figure kits! So stay tuned and check the site regularly!